I’m sorry for not updating, and it’s probably annoying and I’m sorry. I’ve just been more active on my Haikyuu ask blog, and the thing is that I’m kind of losing interest in this ask blog??

It has been really fun and Tsuna and Reborn are amazing characters, but I guess it’s been lonely because there are no other KHR ask blog that I can interact with. I also don’t really feel like I portray Tsuna and Reborn very well.

SO the real question is: Would you be interested in a muse change?

I was thinking Mukuro.

Please send in some asks for your thoughts I guess?? It would be really nice, maybe I’ll update more then. 

And again, I’m sorry

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Ne~Reborn-chan! Do you get naughty urges? ^w^

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Not a question: just wanted to say, you draw the CUTEST HARU EVER!! Omg, yes she is queen and you should totally draw more of her(if you want ofc)!! -anon out

((thank you!!))

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((Hey! Sorry to bother you guys again, but I will be tking a small break, maybe for the rest of the week or a couple of days. But I want to fix the themes and everything, clean it up a bit. Thank you for understanding))

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((Wow, okay, so I finished sooner than I thought. I hope you guys liked this. This will either open your wound or close them. This is all base on a head canon.))

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((Hi guys! So Mun here, I have been looking through the reblogs and reading your tags on the small comic I did for Hibari, and I will be doing an adition to it~ Seeing as how you all liked it so much O w O Which made me happy, I’m glad to see your responses. I’m going to take a small break from asks to work on it, but I’ll try to answer one a day, maybe for a break. Also, a lot of you are perverts. Just saying.))

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Tsuna: As soon as I brought it up she told me this…

[[7/10 of body switch]]

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Reborn!! What do you think about eating Tuna~~? *evil grin*


[[6/10 of body switch]]

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Um, Reborn, how old were you when you were turned into a baby? Because in chapter 15 you said that Shamal was the one who took you from your mother... does that mean you were still really young? Or Shamal is actually just really old?


[[5/10 of body switch]]

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[[4/10 of body switch]]

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[[3/10 of body switch]]

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((But have you ever noticed that all of the box animals are suppose to show their true feeligs and emotions? And yet Roll is always afraid, scared, or nervous?))

Bigger Version:

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What type of drunks are you guys?


[[2/10 of body switch]]

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((Wow wow wow! I didn’t think 300 would come so quick! I’m very grateful for all of all of you!! So in return, I drew Tsuna as a magical girl. That’s pretty equivalent right??? And I’m thinking of doing a Haikyuu ask blog as well, maybe. Let me know what you think! ))

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